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Rosebud was adopted from Triple R Horse Rescue in 2016.

For 8 years, I worked at a small animal shelter in the Chicago area. I saw, firsthand, how homeless animals blossomed once they found a loving home of their own.  So when I moved to AZ, I wanted to continue helping animals.  I started volunteering at a small animal rescue and then discovered Triple R Horse Rescue during a mini-donkey open house.   The people were nice at Triple R and the animals adorable.  Not long after I started caring for the mini donkeys and saw how sweet they were, it occurred to me that a mini might help my rescue mare with her separation anxiety when my husband and I take our riding horses out to the trails.  A companion for my companion!  So I started the adoption process.  Dawne and Curry were very helpful and made the process easy.  Rosebud, now Nina, is part of our equine family, and we couldn't be happier.

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