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Meet Cowboy!

AGE: 20 Yrs.
Quarter Horse
COLOR:  Palomino
HEIGHT: 15.3 Hands
RIDER LEVEL: Has been Ridden / Being worked weekly
 Advanced / Experienced
HEALTH: Sound / UTD Everything
PERSONALITY: Average Energy / Temperament
HERD MENTALITY: Loner / Lowest Pecking Order (Non-Dominant)

BIO: Cowboy is friendly with everyone.  At times a little too much in your space.  He is currenly being worked to get back to a comfortable, gentle, anyone can ride horse.  His adoption will go up as he is trained more.  He would be a great companion to any horse since he is non-dominant.  He has been ridden before and was not ridden for a few months.  He stands, ties, and is willing to listen.  He is quick on his feet and has good footing as well.  Moves well for his age and wants to do more.


If you have questions, contact Curry or Lauren.

Adoption Status Subject to Change


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