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Next month will mark one year with Lenore! She is such a fun little donkey! What is interesting is that the time we were contacted about her, unfortunately we were in the midst of losing our beautiful German Shepherd Raja.....he passed away on June 13th and we committed to her the next day.

It was hard to lose a beloved dog then agree to take on another animal, but it helped fill the void. Lenore was helpful in that. Then In February of this year, I had to put my beloved horse down, Tessa, whom I'd had for 18 years....she was just about to turn 24 years old. Because of an old injury 10 years ago, it finally caught up with her, and she was unable to get up anymore on her say the least, that was and still is very tough. 

That left Caitlin, our 28 year old Trakehner, extremely sad and anxious as Tessa was her best friend. Lenore once again, helped everyone heal. Caitlin and Lenore are out together sometimes, but there is still a bit of chasing and scaring going on! So for now, as long as we have Caitlin, we have two very happy animals. When I lose Caitlin, then that will be another journey I will have to pursue.....finding another companion for Lenore. 

Lenore has been our little Angel......

Lisa Todd Patel

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