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Sharlet was adopted from Triple R Horse Rescue in 2014.

As an active person in the dog rescue world, I was thrilled to find a rescue horse to add to our family. I have wanted a horse for a very long time and finally, we are in the right place to make that dream a reality.

As a rescue horse, Sharlet arrived to our place still on the skinny side.
Since her arrival in October, she has packed on the groceries and is filling out nicely. She definitely "eats like a horse", but that is to be expected having been underfed previously. She has made the adjustment from the desert to the mountains very well. Her coat has grown in nicely as the temperatures dropped in October. She really enjoyed her first big snow over New Years galloping and kicking up her heels in delight.

As new owners, we are working closely with a trainer and focusing on the basics - clip, tie, load, etc. She is obviously a young horse and although is ride-able, she still needs a lot more work on the ground manners. It was been a great learning experience as a new owner. Sharlet definitely likes to test folks to make sure you are in charge and know what you are doing. She keeps me on my toes.

We love Sharlet's temperament. She is no easy push over, yet she does not have a mean bone in her body. She has a fun personality and is super athletic and agile. She handles most things very calmly yet she is an energetic forward moving horse. On occasion, something spooks or upsets her, but she quickly settles down to calm steady demeanor.

Under the expert guidance of our trainer, JC, Sharlet is progressing steadily and after focusing on ground manners, we have started more work under saddle. When we met Sharlet, she had an issue with bridling. In the first couple months of working with Sharlet, we did not bridle her but instead focused on the basics and worked with handling her mouth. In the last month, when we progressed to saddle work, we bridled her numerous times without any issues. She is still a work in progress but shows great potential, intelligence and adaptability.

Thank you Triple R Horse Rescue for all that you do to help horses. We are grateful to have Sharlet in our home.

Attached is a short video of Sharlet in the snow. I missed the real athletic displays prior to digging my camera out of my coat pocket but I caught the last of her friskiness. The first horse is the mustang on our property. Then Sharlet is the second horse I pan over to ...


{mp4}386{/mp4} Sharlet At His New Home