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Cash was adopted from Triple R Horse Rescue in 2015!

Silver was adopted from Triple R Horse Rescue in 2014.

We adopted Lady (Billie) and Garrison in January 2015. I have included a couple videos as well as then and now pictures.

Garrison was abused and it has taken much patience for him to let us pet him. He has turned out to be such a lover. He had broken his back leg and no one ever took care of it. He runs and jumps, and has learned to adapt to his disability. Our vet and farrier were amazed when they saw the xrays.

Lady was just neglected. Her coat was rough and dry. Our vet said she was like a rabbit. Anyway, she turned out to be appy and is a buckskin color. She is just beautiful and has learned to do so much. Lady and I will be going to cart training in August. We will be headed to Prescott. She is a smart little horse.

We could not be happier with these 2 little horses.

I can't tell you how tickled we are to have these two sweet babies!

If our lives were not complete with two Tennessee Walkers, eleven chickens, and two dogs, it seems that we have reached a point of euphoria with our two new additions, Jack and Jill!  After hearing about the minis at Triple R Horse Rescue, we felt led to open our home to these two amazing little horses.  They are slowly but surely becoming acclimated to human touch and love.  We are hoping that with perseverance and commitment, we can train these itty-bittys to pull a cart.  They meet us at the gate now for their food and tolerate us grooming them.

Dollar was adopted from Triple R Horse Rescue in 2015!

Ghost was adopted from Triple R Horse Rescue in 2015.

Ghost is doing great and we love having him here.