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Roadie was adopted from Triple R Horse Rescue in 2015.

Mama Donkey was adopted from Triple R Horse Rescue in 2015.

Cherokee...she chose me...

The second half of 2013 was a year of loss for me. My father passed away, I learned of the deceit that ended a four year relationship with a man I thought I was to marry, and my beloved horse Jr crossed over the rainbow bridge. To compound matters, in the midst of this I was (mis)diagnosed with the return of cancer just before my 20 year cancer free milestone. While I had known one day I would own another horse, I planned on waiting at least a year before taking on the life investment. I did trail rides at local ranches, was a wrangler for a few months, and volunteered at a local rescue to keep me actively connected to my love for the horse world. While these things kept me busy, they only satisfied me for the moment.

JJ was adopted from Triple R Horse Rescue in 2014. JJ is an absolutely amazing horse and has adapted well to his new home.

My name is Karen and I am forwarding an article that I found by accident and realized the horse in this Article is my horse! I adopted him at the end of December 2013 from Triple R. He came to The rescue and his name given at time brought in was Zack! One night, I got on my computer and started researching Oldenburg's in Arizona and stumbled upon this website for Dark Horse Farms.

My curiosity made me click on their photo album only to find a photo of my horse! I knew it was Zack!

He has a very distinctive blaze! I contacted his trainer and sent a recent photo of Zack to confirm it was him!

I thought this would be a great story to share to show people the quality of horses that come Triple R! Not only was Czulu, aka Zack, a successful show horse/jumper, he is a registered Oldenburg, infamous bloodlines, Zack has many successful offspring! I contacted his trainer in Carlsbad, CA and he said he was the pride of their stables. I am proud, as always to be Zack's owner and that he came from Triple R!

Cita Red Moon was adopted from Triple R Horse Rescue in 2014.