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Our beautiful mustang Sierra died in August of 2012.  We had her for 17 years.   Normally, I wouldn’t rush to get another horse, but her best friend, Rocky, a 21-year-old standard bred was having a horrible time with her death.   It was really strange because he was fine until they took her body away.   Then he just started to cry and pace. The gal who owned Trails End had recommended I look at Triple R.  I started to look on-line at all the rescues for something suitable.  Triple R had a beautiful horse on their website that looked just like my Sierra who passed.  When we went to look at the horse, we found that she was going to be trained and auctioned off.   So we started to look at some of the others.  We liked Whiskey because he was a mustang and Ken Bacher mentioned Happy, a 10-month-old baby.  So we went to look at him.  He was so laid back and cute!  We decided to think about it.  We really couldn’t decide.  My husband knew how sad I was about the loss of my Sierra that he decided we should get both since it would take more than one to fill Sierra’s shoes.  Four days later, they were delivered.  Rocky was so happy to have two new friends. 

1.     Name: the Olson Family – Eric / Courtney / Hannah, Hank & Cal

2.     City where you live. (please no address) Carefree, AZ

3.     What is your (your family’s) history with horses? Beau is our first horse!

Greg and Zeke share something very special - they both share their 1st day anniversary at Triple R on the same day!  While Zeke was on a slaughter truck, he was injured and the slaughter house would not take him. Greg adopted Zeke, nursed his large wound on his side and took him to Colorado to heal and 'just be a horse'.  "The connection I felt with Zeke the moment I met him has not changed in the four to five years he was in Colorado.  He has an incredible demeanor!!"  Greg brought Zeke back to Arizona and he is a great buddy and pleasure horse.  

Maverick was adopted from Triple R Horse Rescue in 2013.

From Maverick's new family: 

I adopted Maverick 7/21/2013 from Triple R. He is an amazing 20 year old Arabian. Very skinny when he came to me with a few medical problems. He has gained over 100 pounds now and is a very happy, healthy, and spoiled boy!!

Abby was adopted from Triple R Horse Rescue in June 2013 by her original owner, Colleen Kane!  Years ago, I adopted Abby, although her real name is AB, shortened from her sires' name of Aerobuck, I raised her from a foal to 4 years of age.

Phoebe was adopted from Triple R Horse Rescue in 2013.