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Who would imagine that when Bentley first arrived at Triple R he would become an important member of a unique therapy program? On the surface, Bentley had three strikes against him—he was emaciated, eight years old and still untrained and a stallion.

Still Triple R President Ken Bacher knew there was something special about the 14.1-hand-high horse. He contacted Sahika Riley, founder of Horse Rhythm Foundation (HRF) and persuaded her to consider Bentley as an equine therapy horses.

Mr. Big was adopted by the McKee family in August of 2011.  He spent over 3 years at Triple R after being rescued from a neglectful situation, stemming from a bad divorce.  Once trained as a jumper, he has become a wonderful trail horse.

"Mr. Big is a tough horse to figure out, but once I did, we became the best of friends.  He's got a big heart and big attitude which is what attracted me to him the first time we met.  We've researched his tattoo and found that his lineage goes all the way back to Man O' War!  We're so happy to have this amazing animal as part of our family."  ~ Alison McKee

Tank came to the rescue in the summer of 2011 as a owner surrender.  He was adopted by the McKee Family in December of 2011.

"I rode Tank in the Buckeye Centennial Parade in February.  Only having him for a couple of months, I didn't know what to expect of him.  He proved to be 100% bomb proof, not even caring about the 20+ Harleys riding behind us.  He's definitely a favorite around here, giving all of the neighbor kids rides.  One little girl comes runninig out of her house when we ride by just to see 'Tink'."  ~ Robert McKee

Cassie is a 6 year old mare who was a PMU baby.  Cassie came from another rescue and was used by John and Brandi Lyons for a demo at the Queen Creek Expo where she was spotted by Tammy Lindemeyer.  Cassie was adopted by Tammy and her daughter Brianna.  Cassie has completed another 3 months of training with Brandi Lyons Horse Training.

"I was introduced to Cassie in the fall and fell in love with her easy temperament and kind eye.  I have enjoyed watching her progress and become much more comfortable with humans and an array of surroundings that she hadn't been exposed to.  She has now been under saddle for six months and is a joy to ride.  Brandi Lyons did a fantastic job starting her.  She and my younger mare Shelby make a nice pair!"  ~ Tammy Lindemeyer


Feivel was brought to the rescue by ranchers who found him on a round up.  Feivel was orphaned and 7 days old.  At the rescue, he was nursed by a sweet mare, Dolce.  We were very lucky that she accepted him and look at him now.  Feivel is playing and having a "ball" with his new mom JaNae!

"When we were at the rescue volunteering one day the decision was made to bring him home too because of his spirit and will to live and he is such a lover!! He is such a character! Keeps everyone laughing all the time, and he's a great kisser! ;o)" ~ JaNae Jackman

Savanna was rescued off of a trailer headed to slaughter.  She was adopted by JaNae Jackman who also has 2 other Triple R horses.

"When I was first thinking about adopting I heard about the rescue and contacted Ken. I went out to meet the horses and was instantly drawn to Savanna. I walked up to her, kneeled down and she rested her head in my lap. In that moment I told Ken 'this one feels right.'  She is my heart and soul now."  ~ JaNae Jackman

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